CC cream with GOJI berries

LR Wonder Company

CC CREAM LR Wonder Company:
smoothes, brightens and corrects!




FORMAT: 30 ml

WONDER CC (Color Control) is a product-ALL IN ONE to apply daily all over the face to correct and standardize on a single gesture ilcolorito, hiding imperfections, without darkening the skin as a foundation or a tinted cream.
WONDER CC consists of a unique cocktail of active ingredients among which the GOJI BERRIES, also called "The fruit of longevity".
These precious berries originating in Tibet, are beloved by Hollywood stars and are described by experts around the world as an excellent remedy against the signs of aging and lefonti considered among the richest natural antioxidants on earth (ORAC data table).

WONDER CC represents the true evolution of the BB CREAM, because his action is not only based on a concept of coverage, but luminescence, using the action of the plant complex plant delFIORE mullein, innovative active ingredient "LIGHTING", which helps to generate a particular EFFECT OPTICAL, capturing and reflecting light and enhancing the brightness of the face, as well as further conceal imperfections.
The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) and precious Vitamin E (antioxidant).
It contains sun protection factor SPF 15.

To correct cover is not necessary!

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