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  • Bee Venom

    After BOOM in the United States, the first line of bee venom cosmetics made in Italy!

    The tonifying and firming formula is the perfect ally against the signs of time and it's making go crazy
    italian and international actress and stars!

    The only, true NATURAL BOTOX!

  • Veleno di vipera
  • Caviar

    From the extraordinary LR WONDER COMPANY research, WONDER CAVIAR is born, a cosmetics
    line that includes a face cream, a lifting effect eye contour anda a fabulous mask!

    Hollywoodian luxury for your face and your eyes!

  • 24k Gold

    The most precious and glamorous secret kept by Hollywood divas: a line of creams,
    sprays and masks to GOLD 24 carats!

    It's an extraordinary ally against the signs of time and a symbol of high prestige.

    HOLLYWOOD GOLD: Hollywood luxury for your precious skin!

  • Snail slime

    Slime Snail is known and used for its extraordinary regenerating properties.

    Rich in allantoin, collagen, glycolic acid, lactic acid, vitamins and minerals, the slime
    snail has a nourishing action, which provides greater elasticity to skin, reducing
    spots and imperfections and making the skin more elastic
    and even with less wrinkles.

  • Plant Placenta

    The big news in cosmetics and one of the last beauty secrets kept by hollywood stars!

    Vegetal placenta plant is a precious substance placed under the pistil that nourishes the sprout
    in the whole phase of development and growth as a "liquid feeder".

  • Charcoal

    Activated charcoal is the final product of the wood combustion process,
    commonly of three species (willow, poplar, birch), made active in order
    to obtain a natural black powder with porosity.

    This last quality gives the powder an important "absorbing" power.

  • Beer

    BEER CREAM is the world news for an intense and prolonged tanning all year round!

    The super-tanning beer cream for face and body is made only by LR Wonder!

    Used by the most famous Italian and international stars ... and you!

  • Supplements

    We proudly present the new line of food and beauty supplements unique in the world!

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items